Perfect SEO Campaign Requires Balance

googleseoWhen it comes to online marketing, search engine optimisation is a term most marketing gurus are familiar with. Search engine optimisation or SEO is a strategy which helps websites and webpages to appear and rank higher among the search engine rankings. In detail, it studies the algorithms of different search engines and optimises the websites to get favourable rankings on different search engines. Nonetheless, it is not enough to stuff your websites with all the SEO strategies. In fact, it is counterproductive to put too much of each SEO strategy. In order to achieve desirable results, a balance on different SEO strategies is necessary. Here are the important components to achieve a perfect SEO campaign.

  1. Quality Keywords – A website does not need to compete on all keywords in its niche. It only needs to focus on several quality keywords that has a balance of less competition and huge amount of searches.
  2. Keyword Frequency – Stuffing keywords on a single page is a bad strategy. The number of times a specific keyword should appear in a page should only be around once in every hundred words. Any more than that and the domain would get penalised by search engines.
  3. Quality Links – The quality of the link depends on the ranking of the link page. Linking your webpage to another webpage with high page ranking is the ideal situation to maximize the impact of links to your website rankings.
  4. Quality Backlinks – It is not enough to link your webpage to high ranking web pages. Quality backlinks are important. Backlinks is when another website puts your link into their webpages. The combination of quality links and backlinks will provide significant boost on the search engine ranking.
  5. Relevant Contents – Content is the lifeline of a website. It is important to post content which is relevant to the website’s niche. It is the reason the website will get repeat visitors, followers and potential customers which can turn into profits.
  6. Diverse Contents – In order to keep visitors interested on the website, contents should be diverse. A balance of articles, videos, slideshows and even infographics can provide interesting options for visitors to keep visiting the websites.

Search engine optimisation is undeniably a crucial aspect for every website and online campaign. However, a delicate balance must be observed to take full advantage of the benefits of SEO. If you are planning to start an online marketing campaign, it is necessary to hire an SEO consultant – (Gareth Bull) to get results quickly and efficiently. 

How To Get Good Backlinks for SEO Purposes

goog620x349Google has been cracking down on black hat†link building tactics. With this crackdown, many SEOs struggling to figure out where and how to get high quality links for their website. Below, you’ll find a few strategies outlined which are sure to help you increase your website’s rankings.

Press Coverage

Press coverage is perhaps the hardest way to get links online, however, they provide some of the best links for your website. As an SEO, you should start acting more like a news reporter and start trying to build your connections with local journalist. One strategy that proves to be quite useful is added them on LinkedIn and offering to be a source of knowledge when they write a report that requires your expertise. What you should not do is directly ask them for a feature article or a link to yours. †Even though this is the primary purpose of your pitch, this mostlikely won’t get you a reply.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great way to get backlinks. Many websites don’t have enough contributors to write for them so they simply reach out to the community and request content from their readers. To find websites that have guest blogging opportunities, simply search Google for the following:

  • “niche name” + “write for us”
  • “niche name” + “contribute”
  • “niche name” + “submit your article”

Some of these sites will require that you sign up beforehand, some require a pitch, and some require that you submit a fully written out article at first. Just read their guidelines and follow what they require to get yourself all setup.

Making Friends

Making friends online is another great way to build backlinks. Michael, a Toronto SEO Expert, states that a good way to make friends online is through online forums and communities.†”You can easily build up your reputation and create relationships by being active on various online communities such as forums or even by guest commenting on†blogs in your industry,” Michael states. When you build a relationship, they’ll more than likely be willing to link out to you in a related article or potentially feature you on their site.

Social Media Profiles

Social media profiles are a great source of backlinks. Simply create a profile on a website and drop your link in. These links add to your brands overall reputation online, pass link juice, and become a great resource if you ever need to get involved in an online reputation management project. These profiles will rank quite easily should you ever need to substitute a property with bad reviews online.

Business Directories

If you’re doing SEO for your local business, business directories are a must for local SEO. Get your business into directories such as YellowPages, Yelp, HomeStars, or any other related online business directory. These directories not online provide links for your website but confirm your businesses identity and location in the local maps listings online.


Although building backlinks for your site is harder than it was before Google’s spam crackdown, it still isn’t all that difficult. Just build the right connections with people who can link out to you and do proper research to find the right sites to build links from.

Effective Ways You Can Use SEO Infographics to Earn Quality Links

SEO infographics are powerful tools to earn quality links. Through infographics, you can draw the attention of your targeted traffic and generate high quality links. Here’s how you can leverage on these tools.

What Are Infographics

Infographics (informative graphics) are visual content combining text and images to deliver your message to your audience. They have the ability to attract traffic, especially since online readers prefer visual content to textual content. Infographics simplify information that is difficult to understand; they can also transform an otherwise dull content into something exciting.

Why You Should Use Infographics

You get to enjoy the following benefits when you use SEO infographics:

  • Get your desired results from content marketing
  • Capture the attention of your targeted traffic
  • Increase the quantity and quality of your backlinks
  • Simplify and transform your content from boring to interesting
  • Increase the percentage of your content to go viral
  • Enable your audience to view you as an expert

How to Use Infographics

If only for these benefits, make it a point to use infographics to boost your SEO campaigns. You can earn more high quality links that will improve your site’s performance in the search engine results page (SERP).

Here’s how to use SEO infographics:

  • See to it that you keep your infographic design simple yet interesting enough to hook your target audience.
  • Your design should be pleasing and easy on the eyes. Keep the good balance of texts and images.
  • Create compelling and clear content. People will link to your infographic if they find it easy to understand.
  • Make your infographic easy to share. Place the code at the bottom so that people who wish to link, to share or to embed it on their sites can do with convenience.
  • Share your SEO infographics on your social networking sites. Leveraging on the social media increases the chances of your content to become viral. You will be able to reach more people and generate more links.
  • To find out how well your infographics are performing, use tracking tools. This way, you can do some changes or adjustments as necessary.
  • Link your infographics to your web pages or landing pages. You must see to it that your linked pages contain your desired call(s)-to-action.
  • Avoid overloading your infographic with information. Too much information can defeat the purpose. Focus on a single message. Keep your content short yet concise.
  • Keep the information recent and updated. As much as possible, cite the source of your information especially when you are presenting statistics and figures. Citing your sources make your infographic more credible and reliable.

To increase your backlinks further, here are some tips:

  • Know who the influencers are in your niche, and start to reach out to them.
  • Send these people a message that will convince them to check your infographics.
  • Whoever responds favorably, offer to write a brief introduction and include the link to your web page or landing page.
  • Check out if influencers have shared or published your content as requested.
  • Use your social networking sites to promote your published/linked content.

Using SEO infographics to build links is a surefire way to earn the good favor of Google. Remember that “Google loves natural quality links” says Gareth Bull, SEO expert UK. Infographics are one of your most effective tools to earn natural quality links to boost your SERP rank.

Top Four Characteristics of a Good SEO Company

As search engines continue to evolve, search engine optimization becomes increasingly difficult. With a myriad of SEO companies, including snake oil type of salesmen, selecting the right SEO company becomes a cumbersome and taxing exercise. To ensure that you do not fall prey to misleading sales pitches, below are a few guidelines that you will find extremely useful when selecting an SEO company.


You cannot hire an SEO company with a dismal page rank. Before closing a deal, make sure that the SEO company you are hiring lives by what it preaches. A good example of this is is (SEO agency Bulldog), who rank #1 for their local search terms including SEO company Essex they should be on page one. On another hand, it is a prudent idea to check them out. Find out if the company is a fraudster. Any company must have a social media platform from which you can draw comments and feedback from previous customers.


A good SEO company should be able to provide you a good success story for clients that they have serviced. Ask them for samples of websites that they have optimized. You may also want to take the extra step of getting client references. Call these customers and you will find out a lot about the company you are dealing with.


Another important thing to consider is the price. A high price does not always mean high quality work. It is recommended that you shop for companies, understand what services are included in the prices they advertise, find out if there is an after sales support, how long will the project take, and so on. Compare these companies with each other before making an informed decision.

Before you do anything, generate a report from an SEO report site.

Customer Service

This is probably the most important of all. All the hard work is for naught if the SEO company you are planning to hire cannot provide adequate support to you before, during and after the project. How they respond to your queries is an indication of their reliability. What you want is a company that provides service in no more than 24 hours after you initially called for support.

Google Mobilegeddon – SEO Update 2105

Google recently launched it’s latest algorithm update to it’s search engine on April 21st. Nicknamed ‘mobilegeddon’, the update has been changed to alter the search results for websites that are not mobile friendly for those who are performing searches from a mobile device. Google have decided to push this upon their users to enhance their user experience.

We all know what it is like to view an awfully old website on a small mobile phone and have gotten frustrated because we can’t see all of the information at once. Google have made this change to make sure that all types of business owners consider it vital to update their websites to allow them to be mobile friendly. Many different SEO firms have been scrambling to update their clients websites with new mobile friendly designs to stop a potential penalty from happening.

One potential mobile solution is to provide a different set of URLs for a user to visit if they are viewing from a mobile device. such as using a subdomain like or This method works wonders as there are many easy solutions out there to fix the problem. There are also many WordPress plugins that you can use if you use the WordPress CMS platform.

Many different SEO agencies haven’t reported dramatic changes yet for their client’s websites, but the update is expected to roll out over the next few weeks and will be a slow process. April 21st marks the start of this update. Although one seo agency in South Wales has reported a large shift in mobile rankings for a client’s competitor, noting that their website had not been optimised for mobile devices.

Top Maintenance Tips for Your WordPress Blog

Do you perform self-hosting tasks on your WordPress blog? It is essential that you learn and follow these maintenance activities to keep your site looking great and easy to navigate.

  1. Make sure that you have a backup of your WordPress blog. You have two options to get this done. First, you can settle to pay a minimal monthly fee to avail of the services of VaultPress, which has all the essential backup tools. You can also opt to use a free plugin, such as the WP-DBManager.
  2. WordPress will give you notifications regarding updates and upgrades. Make sure that your blog is always updated to the newest version of the platform. You simply have to read your dashboard and never skip an upgrade.
  3. Perform an update on every plugin that is installed on your blog whenever it is available. This will ensure the stability of your blog. On the other hand, you have to delete the plugins that are no longer in use.
  4. All the broken links on your site can affect its performance. You wouldn’t want to lose a visitor for this reason. You can use any free link checker tools to get this done. These tools will scan the entire blog for broken links. A good example of this tool that you can use for free is the W3C check link utility.
  5. Manage the comments, which have been flagged as spam in all your blog posts. To do this with ease, simply go to the comments section on your dashboard and click the option to clear all the spam comments.
  6. Check all the forms that you have included in the blog and ensure that all these are working properly.
  7. If you have linked your social media pages to publish posts on your WordPress blog, make sure that all the accounts and links are updated and working.

Actionable tips provided by WordPress maintenance experts, YourPlatoon.


Many Ways to Earn with Six Figure Mentors

Becoming a member of Six Figure Mentors offers you not just a valuable opportunity to learn how to become an online affiliate marketer, but also to earn money from your membership. Once you have gone through the multimedia training library and developed your personal website, you are ready to take advantage of the SFM business opportunities offered to you.

The basic way of making money with SFM is to refer others to Six Figure Mentors and invite them to be members as well. Since you have already gone through the various training modules, you are in the best position to sell SFM to others. You can offer your own testimony as to how SFM has helped you to become an effective Internet marketer, as well as telling leads how SFM can benefit them.

For every member that you refer into the system, you earn a recurring commission based on your membership status – basic or elite – as well as the membership of the person you are referring. You not only earn an initial commission when your referee becomes a member, but also recurring commissions throughout the life of their membership.

In addition, SFM members can also promote the Digital Experts Academy. The DEA training program is designed to compliment Six Figure Mentors and provides advanced instruction that is designed to turn part-time marketers into full-time professionals who can bring in the big money. This is the perfect program to take if you plan to someday leave your day job and go into online marketing as your career. There are four DEA products that you can promote – Gold, Silver, Black and Platinum. You can earn even higher commissions by selling DEA training products.

With these two programs to promote, it should not be surprising if you find yourself earning a generous recurring passive income. In fact, there are many members who have successfully generated up to five-figure incomes from commissions. Even better, you don’t actually need to do any selling since SFM itself will generate marketing materials to do the actual marketing to the leads. All you actually have to do is to simply encourage your leads to provide their email addresses to SFM, using the online marketing skills that you have already learned. The SFM team will do the actual work of promoting the products to your leads and if a sale is made, commissions will automatically be credited to you.

Check this ultimate review of “the six figure mentor by Bradley Tomkins” for 2015; read Dr Brad’s thorough review of Stuart Ross and the six figure mentors program.

2 Internet Marketing Deaths Overturned

Are you a member of the Internet marketing community? You may or may not be, but if you like surfing the web you might have come upon many stories concerning it. Some argue that the internet Marketing is rapidly dying off. Some people choose to believe it, but it is just a conspiracy and a rumor with no base. You most likely have heard of big companies trying to suffocate the little upcoming ones, yes, sometimes it may happen, but many of the “deaths” they talk about are not true. On this article were are going to focus on this issue and see how we have been led to believe that this deaths actually happen when they don’t. For instance, the following are still really doing well:

Article Syndication/ Content marketing

Every time when Google releases an Algorithm update report, Content marketing has been seen to be among the best performers. Statistic indicate that for a long time now, this has been registering great successes all through. However much the conspiracies might make you believe, we are past those times when sales quality depended solely on content.

imThe reason why many believe this misleading information is because it is not easy to get the truth. First, not many people actually understands what is meant by quality content. They have been duped to believe that anything that is on topic lengthy and is written with grammatical preciseness is good content. This is absolutely wrong, at least concerning internet marketing. Your content is only quality if it compels the reader to subscribe to your ideas or do something that helps them within your niche. To achieve this, your content should be persuading, informing and to some extend entertaining. Second, Google improve and update their Algorithm monthly to boost service provision. This is for their love of quality content. However, what Google does not entertain from their clients is spamming their network. It is great if you minimize you links only to your vital properties and backlinks that are worth linking to. Having done this, you are good to go with your business. You might have to watch and be satisfied with the latencies because it may be difficult to achieve the 12 milliseconds promised by salesmen.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If you believe in rumors, then this has been dead since 2007. This is very wrong, SEO is still running well. Optimising your search engine has been the trend lately. Long gone are the days when someone just needed to buy a domain, get some pages on it, upload and get a few links and you have made it. Search Engine optimisation has been in use and is still important if your site is to be visible on searches, do not ignore.

To be successful with SEO, there are a few questions that you must ask you self and seek to answer. What is your relevance to the key term? Are you willing to design a great website and content that matches what caused the key term to be included in the first place? With good search engine optimization, it has never been easier to rank in searches that are relevant to your key terms.

Great Search Engine Optimisation Strategies

SEO Perfect CompanyIt is easy for just about anyone involved in the online world to see that online marketing is getting to be more popular than it ever has been. With all of the latest and greatest updates in technology, you can put together a website that is very profitable while only having to invest a small amount of money on hosting and a domain. If you are not looking to write the content yourself, you have the ability to pay someone to help you create all of the content for you at a great price. However, in order to really get all of the viewers that you are hoping for along with the rankings in the search engines, it is important that you learn some of the best SEO strategies that are available today. Learning the techniques will certainly help you to hit the top of the rankings while profiting from your blog or website.

It has been said for quite some time that content is king when it comes to the online world. In most cases, you will find that this is true, especially when it has to do with the creation of a blog or a website. However, this will not apply when it comes to the rankings that you will get on the top search engines. If you are not in on some of the top SEO strategies that others are using today. all of the hard work that you are putting into your website may go unnoticed. If none of your potential readers are able to find you when they go online, you are not going to get traffic or make sales. You have to learn how to get search engine optimisation kicked into high gear for your website to be found easily by the masses.

Back linking from a video is one of the easiest ways that you can optimise your blog or website so that it can be easily indexed by search engines. When you want to rank on Google, all you have to do is use video from YouTube that points a link right back to your website. This does not have to be a long or advanced video, it simply just has to have information on the focus of your website with a link bringing people to your website. It is that simple. When readers watch the video, they have the link to get to your site and they can easily make their way to your pages.

Believe it or not, there is also a lot to be said about having the right collection of images and videos on your website. You have to have unique content so that it can be indexed, however you will want to pay attention to any outbound links that relate back to your content. This is the type of credibility that will help others to find your information online and know that you can be a trust source for it.

Finally, the best way that you can make sure that your website gets a great deal of recognition in the rankings is through keyword optimisation and meta tagging. Do some research on keywords and make sure that you have everything in order with your title, your meta keywords and your meta description. This will help visitors who may be looking for information on a certain niche to find your website with a simple keyword search. Once they search for a word that matches up with the content you provide on your website, you are going to get the added traffic.