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2 Internet marketing deaths overturned

Are you a member of the Internet marketing community? You may or may not be, but if you like surfing the web you might have come upon many stories concerning it. Some argue that the internet Marketing is rapidly dying off. Some people choose to believe it, but it is just a conspiracy and a rumour with no base. You most likely have heard of big companies trying to suffocate the little upcoming ones, yes, sometimes it may happen, but many of the “deaths” they talk about are not true. In this article, we’re going to focus on this issue and see how we have been led to believe that this deaths actually happen when they don’t. For instance, the following are still really doing well:

Article Syndication/ Content marketing

Every time when Google releases an Algorithm update report, Content marketing has been seen to be among the best performers. Statistic indicate that for a long time now, this has been registering great successes all through. However much the conspiracies might make you believe, we are past those times when sales quality depended solely on content.

The reason why many believe this misleading information is because it is not easy to get the truth. First, not many people actually understands what is meant by quality content. They have been duped to believe that anything that is on topic lengthy and is written with grammatical preciseness is good content. This is absolutely wrong, at least concerning internet marketing. Your content is only quality if it compels the reader to subscribe to your ideas or do something that helps them within your niche. To achieve this, your content should be persuading, informing and to some extend entertaining. Second, Google improve and update their Algorithm monthly to boost service provision. This is for their love of quality content. However, what Google does not entertain from their clients is spamming their network. It is great if you minimize you links only to your vital properties and backlinks that are worth linking to. Having done this, you are good to go with your business. You might have to watch and be satisfied with the latencies because it may be difficult to achieve the 12 milliseconds promised by salesmen.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If you believe in rumors, then this has been dead since 2007. This is very wrong, SEO is still running well. Optimising your search engine has been the trend lately. Long gone are the days when someone just needed to buy a domain, get some pages on it, upload and get a few links and you have made it. Search Engine optimisation has been in use and is still important if your site is to be visible on searches, do not ignore.

To be successful with SEO, there are a few questions that you must ask you self and seek to answer. What is your relevance to the key term? Are you willing to design a great website and content that matches what caused the key term to be included in the first place? With good search engine optimization, it has never been easier to rank in searches that are relevant to your key terms.

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