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Many ways to earn with Six Figure Mentors

Becoming a member of Six Figure Mentors offers you not just a valuable opportunity to learn how to become an online affiliate marketer, but also to earn money from your membership. Once you have gone through the multimedia training library and developed your personal website, you are ready to take advantage of the SFM business opportunities offered to you.

The basic way of making money with SFM is to refer others to Six Figure Mentors and invite them to be members as well. Since you have already gone through the various training modules, you are in the best position to sell SFM to others. You can offer your own testimony as to how SFM has helped you to become an effective Internet marketer, as well as telling leads how SFM can benefit them.

For every member that you refer into the system, you earn a recurring commission based on your membership status – basic or elite – as well as the membership of the person you are referring. You not only earn an initial commission when your referee becomes a member, but also recurring commissions throughout the life of their membership.

In addition, SFM members can also promote the Digital Experts Academy. The DEA training program is designed to compliment Six Figure Mentors and provides advanced instruction that is designed to turn part-time marketers into full-time professionals who can bring in the big money. This is the perfect program to take if you plan to someday leave your day job and go into online marketing as your career. There are four DEA products that you can promote – Gold, Silver, Black and Platinum. You can earn even higher commissions by selling DEA training products.

With these two programs to promote, it should not be surprising if you find yourself earning a generous recurring passive income. In fact, there are many members who have successfully generated up to five-figure incomes from commissions. Even better, you don’t actually need to do any selling since SFM itself will generate marketing materials to do the actual marketing to the leads. All you actually have to do is to simply encourage your leads to provide their email addresses to SFM, using the online marketing skills that you have already learned. The SFM team will do the actual work of promoting the products to your leads and if a sale is made, commissions will automatically be credited to you.

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