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Top maintenance tips for your WordPress blog

Do you perform self-hosting tasks on your WordPress blog? It is essential that you learn and follow these maintenance activities to keep your site looking great and easy to navigate.

  1. Make sure that you have a backup of your WordPress blog. You have two options to get this done. First, you can settle to pay a minimal monthly fee to avail of the services of VaultPress, which has all the essential backup tools. You can also opt to use a free plugin, such as the WP-DBManager.
  2. WordPress will give you notifications regarding updates and upgrades. Make sure that your blog is always updated to the newest version of the platform. You simply have to read your dashboard and never skip an upgrade.
  3. Perform an update on every plugin that is installed on your blog whenever it is available. This will ensure the stability of your blog. On the other hand, you have to delete the plugins that are no longer in use.
  4. All the broken links on your site can affect its performance. You wouldn’t want to lose a visitor for this reason. You can use any free link checker tools to get this done. These tools will scan the entire blog for broken links. A good example of this tool that you can use for free is the W3C check link utility.
  5. Manage the comments, which have been flagged as spam in all your blog posts. To do this with ease, simply go to the comments section on your dashboard and click the option to clear all the spam comments.
  6. Check all the forms that you have included in the blog and ensure that all these are working properly.
  7. If you have linked your social media pages to publish posts on your WordPress blog, make sure that all the accounts and links are updated and working.

Actionable tips provided by WordPress maintenance experts, YourPlatoon.

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