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Top four characteristics of a good SEO company

As search engines continue to evolve, search engine optimization becomes increasingly difficult. With a myriad of SEO companies, including snake oil type of salesmen, selecting the right SEO company becomes a cumbersome and taxing exercise. To ensure that you do not fall prey to misleading sales pitches, below are a few guidelines that you will find extremely useful when selecting an SEO company.


You cannot hire an SEO company with a dismal page rank. Before closing a deal, make sure that the SEO company you are hiring lives by what it preaches. A good example of this is is (SEO agency Bulldog), who rank #1 for their local search terms including SEO company Essex they should be on page one. On another hand, it is a prudent idea to check them out. Find out if the company is a fraudster. Any company must have a social media platform from which you can draw comments and feedback from previous customers.


A good SEO company should be able to provide you a good success story for clients that they have serviced. Ask them for samples of websites that they have optimized. You may also want to take the extra step of getting client references. Call these customers and you will find out a lot about the company you are dealing with.


Another important thing to consider is the price. A high price does not always mean high quality work. It is recommended that you shop for companies, understand what services are included in the prices they advertise, find out if there is an after sales support, how long will the project take, and so on. Compare these companies with each other before making an informed decision.

Before you do anything, generate a report from an SEO report site.

Customer Service

This is probably the most important of all. All the hard work is for naught if the SEO company you are planning to hire cannot provide adequate support to you before, during and after the project. How they respond to your queries is an indication of their reliability. What you want is a company that provides service in no more than 24 hours after you initially called for support.

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