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How to get good backlinks for SEO purposes

Google has been cracking down on black hat link building tactics. With this crackdown, many SEOs struggling to figure out where and how to get high quality links for their website. Below, you’ll find a few strategies outlined which are sure to help you increase your website’s rankings.

Press Coverage

Press coverage is perhaps the hardest way to get links online, however, they provide some of the best links for your website. As an SEO, you should start acting more like a news reporter and start trying to build your connections with local journalist. One strategy that proves to be quite useful is added them on LinkedIn and offering to be a source of knowledge when they write a report that requires your expertise. What you should not do is directly ask them for a feature article or a link to yours. †Even though this is the primary purpose of your pitch, this mostlikely won’t get you a reply.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great way to get backlinks. Many websites don’t have enough contributors to write for them so they simply reach out to the community and request content from their readers. To find websites that have guest blogging opportunities, simply search Google for the following:

  • “niche name” + “write for us”
  • “niche name” + “contribute”
  • “niche name” + “submit your article”

Some of these sites will require that you sign up beforehand, some require a pitch, and some require that you submit a fully written out article at first. Just read their guidelines and follow what they require to get yourself all setup.

Making Friends

Making friends online is another great way to build backlinks. Michael, a Toronto SEO Expert, states that a good way to make friends online is through online forums and communities.†”You can easily build up your reputation and create relationships by being active on various online communities such as forums or even by guest commenting on†blogs in your industry,” Michael states. When you build a relationship, they’ll more than likely be willing to link out to you in a related article or potentially feature you on their site.

Social Media Profiles

Social media profiles are a great source of backlinks. Simply create a profile on a website and drop your link in. These links add to your brands overall reputation online, pass link juice, and become a great resource if you ever need to get involved in an online reputation management project. These profiles will rank quite easily should you ever need to substitute a property with bad reviews online.

Business Directories

If you’re doing SEO for your local business, business directories are a must for local SEO. Get your business into directories such as YellowPages, Yelp, HomeStars, or any other related online business directory. These directories not online provide links for your website but confirm your businesses identity and location in the local maps listings online.


Although building backlinks for your site is harder than it was before Google’s spam crackdown, it still isn’t all that difficult. Just build the right connections with people who can link out to you and do proper research to find the right sites to build links from.

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