Google Mobilegeddon – SEO Update 2105

Google recently launched it’s latest algorithm update to it’s search engine on April 21st. Nicknamed ‘mobilegeddon’, the update has been changed to alter the search results for websites that are not mobile friendly for those who are performing searches from a mobile device. Google have decided to push this upon their users to enhance their user experience.

We all know what it is like to view an awfully old website on a small mobile phone and have gotten frustrated because we can’t see all of the information at once. Google have made this change to make sure that all types of business owners consider it vital to update their websites to allow them to be mobile friendly. Many different SEO firms have been scrambling to update their clients websites with new mobile friendly designs to stop a potential penalty from happening.

One potential mobile solution is to provide a different set of URLs for a user to visit if they are viewing from a mobile device. such as using a subdomain like or This method works wonders as there are many easy solutions out there to fix the problem. There are also many WordPress plugins that you can use if you use the WordPress CMS platform.

Many different SEO agencies haven’t reported dramatic changes yet for their client’s websites, but the update is expected to roll out over the next few weeks and will be a slow process. April 21st marks the start of this update. Although one seo agency in South Wales has reported a large shift in mobile rankings for a client’s competitor, noting that their website had not been optimised for mobile devices.