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Many ways to earn with Six Figure Mentors

Becoming a member of Six Figure Mentors offers you not just a valuable opportunity to learn how to become an online affiliate marketer, but also to earn money from your membership. Once you have gone through the multimedia training library and developed your personal website, you are ready to take …

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2 Internet marketing deaths overturned

Are you a member of the Internet marketing community? You may or may not be, but if you like surfing the web you might have come upon many stories concerning it. Some argue that the internet Marketing is rapidly dying off. Some people choose to believe it, but it is …

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Great Search Engine Optimisation strategies

It’s easy for just about anyone involved in the online world to see that online marketing is getting to be more popular than it ever has been. With all of the latest and greatest updates in technology, you can put together a website that is very profitable while only having …

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White Hat SEO versus Black Hat SEO

In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), the term white hat refers to the utilization of strategies, techniques and tactics that solely focuses on the users, moreover, it completely follows the rules and regulations laid by the search engine.

The examples of a white hat search engine optimization (SEO) technique are:

  • Uses keywords
  • Uses descriptive, keyword-rich meta tags
  • Keyword analysis
  • Back linking
  • Link building
  • Content writing; a high-quality content and services
  • Makes the site easy to navigate
  • Makes the website load fast and mobile friendly

Meanwhile, black hat refers to the use of aggressive strategies, techniques, and tactics of search engine optimization. Its focus is not for human audience, and it does not follow the terms and regulations of the search engine. The only focus of this technique is the optimization of the website.

The examples of black hat search engine optimization (SEO) are:

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Invisible text
  • Doorway pages
  • Uses unrelated keywords to the page content
  • Page swapping
  • Content automation
  • Link manipulation

Pages with malicious contents (such as, virus, malware, Trojan)

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